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Sampling, Aliasing, and Data Fidelity
Electro-optical Imaging System Performance (5th Edition)
Testing and Evaluation of Infrared Imaging Systems (3rd Edition)
Common Sense Approach to thermal Imaging
The Atmospheric Filter
Electro Optical Imaging: System Performance and Modeling
Holst's Practical Guide to Electro-Optical Systems



Electro Optical Imaging: System Performance and Modeling edited by Lucien M. Biberman

This is the updated and revised version of Biberman's 1973 book "Perception of Displayed Information." It contains new chapters and never before reported data. Biberman skillfully pulls together the works of 25 outstanding authors. It is a comprehensive analysis of EO sensor performance (both photoemissive and infrared systems).

Topics include: performance of visual systems, image intensifier tube structures, state-of-the-art visual and near IR sensors, calibration of television camera tubes, calibration of IR imagers, target signature metrics, assessment of target detection models, modeling of the observer in target detection, modeling false detections, and search modeling. The book presents the physical and mathematical substance of the processes, as well as performance of the prediction models.

Available in hardcover (1220 pages, SPIE Press, 2001) and on CD, PDF format (Ontar, 2000).

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