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Practical Applications of Thermal Imaging Systems
Engineering Approach to Imaging Systems Design
Testing and Evaluation of E-O Imaging Systems
Electro-Optical Imaging System Performance

Sampling Realities of Focal Plane Arrays

Electronic imaging: real data or artifacts?
Why are pictures "blocky?"
What is the resolution limit?

Sampling is an inherent feature of all electronic imaging systems. It affects data interpretation and displayed imagery. This course covers all aspects of sampling: aliasing, Moiré patterns, and variations in object edge location and width. These effects are rarely reported when viewing natural scenery although present. They can dominate machine vision system performance, camera characterization, and resolution. The severity depends upon the relationship between the blur diameter and detector size. This changes as the lens f-number changes.

To satisfy the sampling theorem, the signal must be band-limited, the digitizer must sample the signal at an adequate rate, and a low-pass reconstruction filter must be present. These conditions are not present in today's camera systems and the reconstructed image cannot appear exactly as the original.

This course will allow you to:

  • Understand the Nyquist frequency limit
  • Understand the trade-off between MTF and aliasing
  • Distinguish between aliasing and incomplete reconstruction
  • Understand why we can "see" digital data
  • Be able to determine how many samples are adequate
  • Understand why test targets "enhance" aliasing

The course is for managers, system designers, test engineers, machine vision specialist and CCD camera users who want the best performance from their systems.

"Sampling, Aliasing, and Data Fidelity," by Gerald C. Holst, JCD Publishing, 1998.

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