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PcModWin 5.0 v2r0
HITRAN-PC version 4.0
Atmospheric Laser Turbulence Model

PcLnWin is Ontar's Windows version of FASCOD3P. The model accommodates standardized (WMO) atmospheric profiles, numerous aerosol models (including fogs, desert dust and maritime obscurations), water and ice cloud models (with precipitation). Spherical refractive geometry calculations are performed for any arbitrary line of sight chosen. PcLnWin performs line by line calculations using spectroscopic parameters obtained from the HITRAN database (the recognized standard compilation for atmospheric gases).

PcLnWin calculates the atmospheric transmittance and radiance using the spectroscopic parameters obtained in HITRAN. PcLnWin is the preferred program for all atmospheric transmission calculations. It includes all includes aerosols and weather conditions found in MODTRAN. It is essential when predicting the performance of high-resolution spectrometers and laser-based devices (lidars, transmissometers, and range finders).

The wave number resolution is typically 0.001 cm-1. Although MODTRAN can be used for low resolution (broad spectral response) devices, PcLnWin offers a more accurate approach. Since its high resolution transmission can be degraded to a lower resolution, it provides a more accurate spectral transmission than MODTRAN.

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