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PcModWin 5.0 v2r0
HITRAN-PC version 4.0
Atmospheric Laser Turbulence Model

PcModWin 5.0 v2r0

PcModWin5 calculates atmospheric transmittance and radiance from the UV through the microwave region (wave numbers up to 50,000 cm-1). It provides the transmission and radiance for any arbitrary line-of-sight from sea level to 100-km altitude. Version 5 is used routinely to predict the performance of radiometers, spectrometers, seekers, or any other broad band instrument. PcModWin can compute the transmitted radiance from a spectrally varying emissive surface. The user can use an external file of emissivity or albedo as a function of wave number or wavelength.

PcModWin incorporates standard atmospheric profiles, numerous aerosol models (fogs, dust, maritime, etc.), weather conditions, and diurnal and seasonal variations. It includes chlorofluorocarbons and allows the various mixtures of CO2 that occur during climatic changes. The wave number resolution is 20 cm-1 in the UV and visible. For the infrared to microwave spectrum, the resolution is 0.1 cm-1. The encyclopedic on-line Help file supercedes the published literature.

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